If you can relate to any of these questions, the psychotherapeutic process at Be Bliss would be beneficial:

Are you feeling lack of energy?
Do you have an illness and are feeling alone or scared?
Are you feeling pain during the illness?
Are you undergoing medical treatment and feel you need a professional to talk with?
Are you feeling you are spiraling downwards?
Are you having suicidal thoughts or even attempted suicide?
Do you easily put down yourself?
Are you having a tough time with nutrition and eating issues?
Are you going through “relationship drama”, whether with a loved one or co-worker?
Are you going through a separation and/or divorce?
Are you feeling burned out?
Did you just lose someone, whether through a death, or loss of a relationship?
Do you need help in answering the questions: Who am I? What is my purpose in my life?
Are you experiencing infertility issues and you feel alone?
Are you feeling stuck in your life right now and want to get out but feeling scared?

What is a psychotherapist?

A psychotherapist is a professional who is specifically trained to assist clients in individual/personal, relationship, or career problems/issues.

Is a counsellor different than a psychotherapist?

The terms Counsellors (or counselors) and psychotherapists are used interchangeably.
Please note that the psychotherapist you choose to help you is registered with a professional body. Please click on the logo below to learn “About Registered Clinical Counsellors”

A designation of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors

Why participate in psychotherapy?

• Everyone deserves a helping hand.
• Working with a non-judgemental psychotherapist can lead to open and honest exploration of your life choices.
• Psychotherapy is different than sharing your concerns with your friends or family. In the psychotherapeutic process, your psychotherapist will facilitate in allowing you to feel comfortable whereby you reach a stage to safely share and open up. You will be able to let go of pent up thoughts and feelings, and discover new ways of approaching your life. In turn, you receive objective feedback and guidance.

Does Be Bliss offer GROUP Workshops?

I offer a variety of small (8-12 people) psycho-educational groups. Each session will include educational information and exploration of self in a confidential manner, including discussion and support among group members. The group sessions are usually held one day/evening per week for several consecutive weeks. Groups offered include:

• Self-Empowerment for Women
• Life Transitions for Women
• Self-Esteem for Single Mothers
• Group Yoga and Positive Well-Being
• Improving your Relationship through Couples Yoga
• Living Your Dream Life!...The Road to Happiness